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Brochure & Flyer  Distribution Services, special promotion for enterprises



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 Distribution of leaflets, discount coupons, samples, booklets as well as promotional items aimed at promoting your business, with a permit authorizing us to distribute it throughout the city of Montreal in full legality and transparency. invites small & large businesses and all interested self-employed workers with its economic recovery project.

Distributions of leaflets are carried out in teams of two or more, in strict compliance with sanitary rules, from hand to hand, the week and / or the weekend depending on the customer's requests.

These distributions are made during special events, shows, in subways, busy streets near event sites. This is a safe and courteous distribution.  will only focus on the promotional aspect through a new advertising concept. The goal is to convey creative ideas, which we will thus be able to respond to our distribution mandate for the companies with which we will do business with us.


Why do business with us?  strong point is that we stand out from other advertising companies by offering a new style of delivery, by hand nicknamed "active and not passive advertising" and that all our employees will be very courteous and enthusiastic.

Our team is in perpetual motion, never static, whether in front; subway entrances, in front of certain businesses, on busy streets, major arteries, commercial intersections, or in any borough of the city that will be targeted. Thus we give another vision of conventional advertising and this without disturbing other companies who can also do promotions.  is committed to following the vision and habits of the city of Montreal and the perpetual changes it is making now and those to come with the current situation in connection with the pandemic.



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  • What do we distribute?

  • Promotional discount coupons for online e-commerce!

  • Promotional samples

  • Targeted advertising for a company
  • Various sales & promotions
  • Messages to target clients  will distribute; flyers, promotional coupons, samples, masks ... anything a business could want to give or promote directly related to the pandemic. This will come to sensitize the population by having a direct influence on the respect of the laws established at the moment.  will distribute; other articles or leaflets which should remind people of "basic health instructions, curfew times or even the bans linked to the pandemic". However, we can also distribute at your discretion and according to the standards established by government authorities, any information related to public health matters within the city of Montreal.  has established a small selection committee which will be assigned to the legal verification of advertising promotions, to ensure that they meet the standards established by the city of Montreal.

Here are some points on which we could have a positive impact:

1. The pandemic has resulted in the closure of many local businesses and businesses resulting in increased online shopping. We will then support the new mode of digitization (E-Commerce) which is part of the solution for many businesses.

2. In cities, the distribution of leaflets by many companies, promoters of events, shows or various activities, is often done without "obtaining the legal permit". Deliveryç is revolutionizing this world of advertising by bringing a new concept to advertising distribution while being regulatory with the city of Montreal.

Where will we distribute? will be present; in major arteries, in commercial sectors (shops with gables on the street), where there is traffic to have maximum visibility.

1. In the Montreal subways (the busiest, as well as the least busy), those close to the city center as well as the subways in the city's boroughs.

2. At traffic light intersections where traffic is high.

3. Where there are commuter trains.

4. Close to major shopping centers.










  • Creation of your discount coupon, brochure, flyers, poster or other by our turnkey computer graphics service
  • Fast, Tailor-made and according to your colors and logo
  • When you are satisfied with the result, we can print quickly at very competitive prices.
  • Do not waste time with our infographics of experience and understanding the promotion market.
  • To try us is to adopt us

Creating advertising leaflets and designing promotional brochures, nothing is proof against our experienced graphic designers. Go pros when it comes to creating a quality flyer for your business!


Why entrust the creation of advertising leaflets or corporate brochures to our experts?

Quite simply, because the quality of your products and services is important for your business. Why shouldn't your image be of equal value to you and your customers? Therefore, hiring a graphic designer to create a quality flyer is vital. Know that your customers judge your business in all its facets, including your corporate image. So, are your printed materials worthy of representing you? Do you hesitate to answer? If so, you need the services of a professional graphic designer right away.

Our team will use all its creativity to enhance the image of your business.


  • has completed hundreds of orders, each order is processed quickly and conscientiously, which has always been the hallmark of






  • Fast service

  • Infographics with more than 20 years of experience

  • Latest Marketing Technology Possibility of Campaigns on the Web with our network of over 1,000,000 visitors per month

  • Creation of custom Web PUB (video) to be present on Social Networks such as: FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, TWITTER and many others



To get a quote or book our services now, please:   Contact Us



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