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Private chauffeur services are responsible for getting individuals and/or family members to and from their daily activities by motor vehicle. These destinations generally include:

  • School
  • Extra-curriculars
  • Work
  • Business functions
  • Social functions

Top Reasons to Hire a Chauffeur

Chauffeurs are most certainly not just for the rich and famous, as lots of different types of people can benefit from hired chauffeur services. For example, busy professionals can make the best uses of their time by following up on phone calls and responding to emails while someone else does the driving. If making a great first impression is important to you, it doesn’t get much more impressive than rolling up to a meeting or social event in your very own personal chauffeur vehicle.


Hiring a personal chauffeur is a smart idea for families because it is safer, reduces stress caused by parking and traffic hassles, and helps everyone arrive on time for important appointments and events. Meanwhile, chauffeur services are beneficial for elderly adults who may not see the road as well as they used to or may need a little extra help getting into or out of the car. Another top reason to hire a chauffeur is to have a safe and reliable designated driver at the end of a night out partying.

Why Our Chauffeur Services Stand Out

Many companies offer chauffeur services, but not all of them have the same level of quality, reliability and experience. At, we pride ourselves on our exceptional staffing expertise, customer service and attention to detail.

We have been pairing private and corporate clients with house staff since 2016 and we have grown from our base in Montreal to become a recognized leader at the Local level in this sector. Chauffeur services are one of our core specialties, and we have worked with many families, businesses and individuals like you, while simultaneously helping talented candidates looking to pursue meaningful and fulfilling family careers.

Why You, Your Family, or Your Business May Need a Personal Chauffeur

Personal chauffeurs help individuals, families, and businesses take care of all aspects of driving and transportation logistics. Safety and security are primary reasons why you may need a personal chauffeur. Anyone who experiences road rage will benefit from having a professional chauffeur available whenever a stressful commute is required. You’ll always be in good hands with a driver behind the wheel.

You may also need a personal chauffeur if you live in an area with high traffic or public transportation options that are either limited or inconvenient. When you have a chauffeur, you can be productive while being a passenger and get to where you need to be on time and without hassles. This is very important for business managers, entrepreneurs, and shift workers who are expected to be on time for work and meetings. Having an experienced chauffeur to drive you means that you won’t waste time getting lost, looking up directions, or being frustrated by confusing roadways and signage. Businesses may also want to hire a dedicated company chauffeur to transport employees to meetings, presentations, and corporate outings in a convenient and professional manner.

Families with kids may need a chauffeur to safely transport young passengers to school, extracurricular activities, and social events. Chauffeur services are also very useful for families with busy social schedules and who must travel across traffic-filled highways to meet their social obligations. If you suffer from anxiety, high levels of stress, poor eyesight, seizures, or other debilitating health conditions, hiring a chauffeur could mean the difference between getting into an accident and arriving safely at your destination. Chauffeur services are more affordable than you might think, and they are well worth the investment for reduced dangers and increased safety.




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  • Private Chauffeurs Offer More than Just Their Expertise in Transportation

    In addition to getting their passengers safely to and from their required destinations, personal chauffeuring services also:

    • Assist passengers getting in and out of the motor vehicle
    • Carry packages and luggage
    • Run requested errands
    • Make arrangements to have the motor vehicle(s) serviced and repaired

    Furthermore, many personal chauffeurs also perform other duties, such as cleaning walks and driveways and exercising pets. Some are even asked to chaperone children to and from events.

    Some personal, private chauffeur services also perform security duties as many have past employment with law enforcement agencies and possess a valid carry permit (weapon). Consequently, families and high profile individuals see the value in these types of chauffeurs.

    Why Choose for Your Chauffeur Needs

    At, we will work diligently to identify the right type of personal and private driver for your specific needs. You contact us on our website from the comfort of your own home and then complete our online application to tell us more about your chauffeur needs.

    One of our experienced investment specialists will contact you and help you find the perfect driver for you, your family or your business. To get a better idea of how we can help you, check out our case studies that describe examples of staffing issues where we've found great solutions.

    For families or businesses that require private driver services, please complete our request or call us at 514.963.7827. Or, if you are a qualified individual looking for a private driver job, contact us for a job application. 


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